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Due to the nature of our products, returns for refund and returns for exchange are not accepted.

Items are not eligible for return unless they're faulty upon receipt. If you received a faulty item, please make sure to email us with details so we can help you. If you ordered a wrong size product, we are not able to issue an exchange or refund, please make sure to check the size guide before purchasing.

We only replace items if they are defective or damaged upon receipt. If you ordered a wrong size product, we are not able to issue an exchange or refund, please make sure to check the size guide before purchasing.

  • --> Returns are not accepted. Why?

EXAMPLE: Dander, saliva, fur, odors, urine, fleas, mites (mange), ticks, lice and more. Now imagine we take a return that another used tape to get the fur off and it looks good... We repackage the item and send it to you just a few days later. A week later you cannot imagine how on earth your dog has scabies and they are even biting your baby!

Then how come other stores take returns with no problem? We don't have an answer for that. We only ship to you NEW. NEVER ON another dog - NEVER NEAR another dog. In a facility free of all animals.

  • You are saying you do not stand behind your products? --> We stand behind our products and if we goof in anyway, we bend over backwards to make it right.
  • It's broken! --> Contact us. See policies below. It may be a carrier claim or manufacturer defect claim. BUT, be prepared to provide evidence of your claim. And we have dogs here that sniff out fraudulent claims!
  • It's not what I wanted. --> We do not accept returns.
  • It's for my mom and I could not measure. --> We do not accept returns.
  • I got it as a gift and it just won't work out for my dad. --> We do not accept returns.
  • It's not what I was expecting. --> We are sorry your expectations are something other than what we describe item to be.
  • It doesn't fit! --> We do not accept returns. If defective, see our defective item claim policy below.
  • My item(s) came dirty and/or stained! --> NO, they did not.
  • It was never opened! --> We do not accept returns.
  • I can tell by looking at it, it won't fit and I measured! --> We do not accept returns. BUT, we are happy to help you to measure and size your dog properly, just shoot us an email.
  • I'm a first time customer! --> Our policies apply to ALL customers.
  • I have special circumstances, my dog died, my dog is sick, I am sick, I changed my mind for good reasons, etc... --> Returns are not accepted.
  • Your sizing charts are wrong! --> Please be assured that our sizing charts are correct.
  • Your sizing charts ARE wrong! I measured the garment and they are wrong! --> Please be assured that our sizing charts are correct. Just shoot us an email and we will be happy to help you measure the garment correctly but remember all you need to worry about is your DOG'S measurements. If you are right, we will replace your garment with same item/color/size, you just need to follow our defective item policy below.
  • I messed up, okay! But you not making an exception for me I will warn you that you have lost my business! --> Yes, we understand. We can't afford to have your repeat business if it means we go out of business to try to keep it.
  • But, I did not receive a pop up message or something saying returns are not accepted when I was shopping. --> We don't use pop up messages on our site but we do have a link to our policy on EVERY page of our website located just beneath the product description info. located with all the other informational links.
  • I will tell my credit card company! --> Please refer to the Non Payment Section below.
  • I will write a bad review! I will tell all my friends not to shop with you. --> We understand.

Merchandise that is returned to us without approval will not be accepted by our store. Approved merchandise that is returned to us not meeting the conditions of your RMA approval will not be accepted by our store and will be shipped back to you at your expense and will be charged an $15.00 processing fee.

Incorrect Items
If we sent you the wrong item (different from what is listed on your packing slip), you do not need to place a new order. We want your MotleyMutt.com experience to be a great one! In case of a MotleyMutt.com packing error, please contact us via e-mail within 24 hours and we will do everything we can to make it right.

--> Wrong color: Please be aware color variations do not fit into this category as colors will vary between devices and lighting. Photos of our products are actual photos that are taken under different lighting conditions and camera devices. Variations of color differ from monitor to monitor in hue, tone, saturation or levels of brightness. We do our best to illustrate across devices actual color and shade but colors still may vary as indicated above. When shopping online and on our store you agree that you understand this. Wrong color is, for example, you received pink and ordered blue.

Damaged/Defective Merchandise
If damage occurs during delivery, have box and merchandise inspected and documented by the delivering carrier and contact us via e-mail immediately. (Save container with merchandise.) If it is determined that damage occurred as a result of delivery, MotleyMutt.com will immediately ship replacement merchandise to you. We will refund any item we are unable to replace due to items we no longer carry or items that are out of stock.

If product is found to be damaged upon opening it that is not a result of delivery or is found to be defective, you must contact us via e-mail within 24 hours of receipt of the merchandise from the delivering carrier for a Return Merchandise Authorization number and return instructions. Please provide as much detail about the damaged merchandise as possible. Our inspections department will inspect the returned merchandise, if no fraud is detected, we will immediately ship a replacement to you and refund you for the cost of returning the merchandise to us. We will refund any item we are unable to replace due to items we no longer carry or items that are out of stock. Items returned to us found not to be damaged or defective as claimed will be returned to you at your expense and a $15.00 processing fee will be charged to you.

Non-deliverable, Refused or Unclaimed Orders
If an order is returned, refused or unclaimed by the customer due to customer refusal, negligence, incorrect shipping information or absence, MotleyMutt.com will place the ordered items back into stock and refund your payment card the amount of your order less shipping costs, an $8.00 processing fee and a 35% restocking fee.

Cancellations/Non Payment/Disputes:

Payment is due in full at time of order placement.

Beginning in 2020 Credit Card Merchants no longer refund fees for cancelled transactions. If an order has not been placed in process yet, it may be canceled and a refund in full will be made to your payment card for full amount of order less 3% of the total amount order inclusive of shipping costs.

Once an order is processed by us it cannot be cancelled even if it has not yet shipped, this includes both stocking and custom made items. Stocking items are immediately packaged for shipping while custom made items immediately begin the first stage of several stages of production once your order is processed by us. Pre-Ordered items may be cancelled if they have not yet been processed to be shipped, however, an $8.00 processing fee will be deducted from the refund. The full balance for all orders is due in full at the time of order placement via our online checkout system, for your convenience, our payment merchant accepts and processes your payment on our behalf (See the Placing an Order Section of our website for full detail). Once an order has been processed by us, if for any reason, any or all of funds payable to us for your order at time of checkout are reversed, held or refunded to you without our full consent and permission, the full amount due plus a $35.00 reversal fee and a $15.00 late fee for funds due within the first 30 days of order placement and an $8.00 processing fee will be invoiced via email to be paid immediately upon receipt. For each 15 days thereafter that payment in full is not received a $15.00 late fee and an $8.00 processing fee will be added to the balance due and re-invoiced via email. Should amount invoiced not be paid within a 30 day period all funds due will be turned over to a collection agency and possible legal action taken to secure a judgment against the owing party for the full amounts due. Should any amounts due be turned over to a collection agency and/or legal action taken to secure judgment, any costs and fees associated with doing so will be added to the balance due for a period of up to 10 years. All collection agency activity and secured judgment(s) are reported to credit agencies and may have a negative impact on issued credit ratings/scores of the non paying party.


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