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Field Dog Backpack - Red
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Shop Dog Jackets and Coats Rain Dog Jackets & Coats Lightweight Dog Raincoat - Yellow
Lightweight Dog Raincoat - Yellow
Lightweight Dog Raincoat - Yellow
Type:   Raincoats   
Material:   Taslan   

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Starting at  $53.99 

The Lightweight Dog Raincoats are Waterproof Dog Coats Waterproof Dog Jackets made of lightweight waterproof breathable material, the inside is also made of a high tech nylon fabric, Taslan. These Lightweight Raincoats move with your dog, while protecting his back and chest from the nasty elements. Reflector tape is adhered to both polypropylene belts. Lightweight enougth to fit into a purse or other small bag.  

Form fitting with full chest and belly coverage - fits dogs from Chihuahua to Greyhound comfortably.


Elastic Neck

  • Unique heavy-duty elastic band positioned perfectly to fit over where the base of your dog's neck and his chest meet. Positioning the band here means less bulk at the neck, mat prevention, and no rubbing; since the band and chest panel move with your dog. This band allows for complete freedom of movement. The band contracts and expands for running, trotting, even rolling.

Conforms To Your Dog's Shape

  • Sculpted back line.
  • Longer at front, then scoops up toward the back.
  • Belt is positioned to allow your dog to "do his business" easily.
  • Collar turns up for harsher weather and down to display inner side.

Stays in Place

  • Adjustable belt.
  • Snug-fitting belly panel from base of neck to mid-belly.
  • Secured by durable fasteners attached on both sides of the coat that prevents side slipping.

NO Velcro, NO Sleeves! Optimum movement and flexibility.

  • Woven elastic at the neck for easy on and off - pullover design
  • Sculpted backline conforms to a dog's natural topline
  • Sturdy buckle closures on both sides prevent the coat from shifting
  • Reflective strips for nighttime visibility
  • Belly panel is attached via a woven elastic adjustable belt
  • Full belly panel keeps in core heat
  • Collar turns up for optimum warmth

Layer with our Cozy Fleece Dog Vests for added warmth and comfort!  Our black , giraffe print or leopard print Cozy Fleece Dog Vest go perfectly with this coat!

Pair up with our Disposable and Reusable Mud Boots!  - Click on image for details.
Mud Boots

Made in the USA

Machine Washable - This coat is colorfast and maching washable in cold water/gentle cycle. Tumble dry only for a short period of time on a low setting. Keeps buckles buckled if possible. Otherwise, remove your elastic belt entirely before washing.

Color - Shell: Yellow
Color - Inside: Black

Also available in Blue and Red! Dog Vests, Large Dog Jackets, Giant Breed Dog Coats, Rain Jackets for Large Dogs, Waterproof Dog Coats, Waterproof Dog Jackets, Dog Rain Jackets, Dog Raincoats, Dog Rain Coats
Sizing Info

Back: Measure length of pet's back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Note:  This coat is meant to be form fitting with an adjustable fit for all body types, this coat is also loved by breeds such as Pitbulls, Pointers, Bulldogs, Boxers and Greyhounds due to it's form fitting design! Sizing is according to the length of your dog's back. The coat should either meet the base of the tail (If your dog's tail goes up (like Jack Russell Terr, Schnauzer), or cover the tail. If your dog's tail stands up, then choose the size down if you are in between sizes. Choose the next size up, if your dog's tail lies down. 

- Odd size 13 length also available.

Complimentary Exchange Blue Seal

Blue Seal Complimentary Exchange Guarantee
This item qualifies for one complimentary exchange!  Committing to purchase some products is tougher than others and we understand that. If the size selected just doesn't quite fit, when exchanged for the next size larger or the next size smaller there is never a restocking fee and we'll pay to ship the new size to you! All other term & conditions of our return policy apply.

Available SMALL TO LARGE DOG Sizes (In Inches):

Size 8  $53.99 
Size 10  $54.29 
Size 12  $54.49 
Size 13  $54.69 
Size 14  $54.79 
Size 16  $54.89 
Size 18  $54.99 
Size 20  $56.99 
Size 22  $57.39 
Size 24  $57.59 
Size 26  $57.79 
Size 28  $57.99 
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