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Disposable Reusable Mud Boots - Black
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Type:   Boots   
Material:   Disposable   

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Starting at  $1.97 

The Disposable and Reusable Mud Boots are one of a kind disposable boots, adjustable, durable, reusable and protect your floors from your dog's paws from the mud and rain.  Recommended for outdoor use only, the Disposable Mud Boots can be purchased individually or in multiple sets and can be used to as a protective boot for an injured paw. Mud Boots when fitted and worn properly fit like a sock and stay on like a glove.

Made of quality form fitting materials, the Disposable Mud Boots are water resistant, breathable, and durable. The paw area is padded on the top and bottom. They are easy to put on with our simple fastening system. A slit down the front of the sock allows you to easily slide the dog's paw into the boot. Then just pull the Velcro tab across the front adjusting tension as needed. There are no loose parts or straps. The Disposable Mud Boots are light weight, durable, and dog friendly.  May even be used to protect your dog's paws on short walks against hot paving. Boots stay on secure to your dog's paws.

Color: Black

Made in the USA.

Not intended for handicap or medical purposes. 

Sizing Info

Measure the distance across your dog's paw to determine the maximum width (the dog should be standing measure from edge of side pad to side pad with his/her weight on the measured paw). Add ¼" to your measurement to allow extra room to spread.

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Available MEDIUM TO LARGE DOG Sizes (WIDTH In Inches):




2.0 - 2.5"


2.5 - 3.0"


3.0 - 3.5"

Summer Dog Boots for Summer, Non Slip Dog Boots, Dog Boots for Hot Ground, Dog Boots for Water, Paw Protection Dog Boots, Safety Dog Boots, Rugged Dog

1 Boot - Small  $1.97 
1 Boot - Medium  $1.98 
1 Boot - Large  $1.99 
1 Pair (4) - Small  $3.97 
1 Pair (4) - Medium  $3.98 
1 Pair (4) - Large  $3.99 
3 Pair (12) - Small  $10.97 
3 Pair (12) - Medium  $10.98 
3 Pair (12) - Large  $10.99 
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5 Pair (20) - Small  $16.97 
5 Pair (20) - Medium  $16.98 
5 Pair (20) - Large  $16.99 
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