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Shop Cozy Fleece Dog Vests Cozy Fleece Dog Vest - Pink
Cozy Fleece Dog Vest - Pink
Cozy Fleece Dog Vest - Pink
Type:   Vests   
Material:   Fleece   

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Starting at  $24.99 

The Cozy Fleece Dog Vest is perfect Snugwear for Indoors and Out! No sleeves or velcro, just stretchy, cozy, water resistant thick fleece in a pullover design. Strong lycra bound edges for a longer lifespan. Pull it on and turn down the charming collar and your dog will be snuggy and comfortable all day or night. Great for older or short-haired dogs, or those recovering from surgery or illness. For any dog it's a cozy and water resistant garment that comes in many colors, for an affordable price. Plus our sizes cover every dog from Teacups, Chihuahuas, Whippets, Pitbulls, Bulldogs, Dobermans, Greyhounds to Great Danes. Fleece Dog Sweaters and Coats. Winter Sweaters for Dogs.

Made with all RECYCLED materials

Made in the USA

Machine Washable

Color: Pink Fleece Dog Coats, Fleece Dog Jackets, Fleece Dog Vests, Dog Sweaters, Coats for Large Dogs, Coats for Giant Dogs, Large Dog Coats



Sizing Info

Back: Measure length of pet's back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Chest/Girth: Measure girth around the broadest part of the chest.

Note: If chest measurements fall within two size ranges and your dog has a narrow build choose the smaller size. If chest measurements fall within two size ranges and your dog has a stout build choose the larger size.

Complimentary Exchange Blue Seal

Blue Seal Complimentary Exchange Guarantee
This item qualifies for one complimentary exchange!  Committing to purchase some products is tougher than others and we understand that. If the size selected just doesn't quite fit, when exchanged for the next size larger or the next size smaller there is never a restocking fee and we'll pay to ship the new size to you! All other term & conditions of our return policy apply.

Available SMALL TO LARGE DOG Sizes (In Inches):

Size 33 for our very large dogs is available for this color!
Length - 33 inches 
Fits Chest/Girth 37-43 inches - now that's BIG!
Dogs 90+lbs

Size 2
Size 2  $24.99 
Size 4
Size 4  $25.59 
Size 6
Size 6  $25.99 
Size 8
Size 8  $26.59 
Size 10
Size 10  $26.99 
Size 12
Size 12  $27.59 
Size 14
Size 14  $27.99 
Size 16
Size 16  $28.59 
Size 18
Size 18  $28.99 
Size 20
Size 20  $29.99 
Size 22
Size 22  $31.59 
Size 24
Size 24  $31.99 
Size 26
Size 26  $32.59 
Size 28
Size 28  $32.99 
Size 30
Size 30  $33.99 
Size 33
Size 33  $36.99 
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