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Shop Dog Harnesses Comfy Dog Harness - Red
Comfy Dog Harness - Red
Comfy Dog Harness - Red
Type:   Harnesses   
Material:   Polyester   

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Starting at  $28.99 

The Comfy Dog Harness is a terrific harness for ALL Seasons including Summer! Very strong lightweight stretchy fabric with cushion that allows air flow. It's light springy and 1/8" thick, so your dog will be very comfortable. Adjustable with quick release side strap, no discomfort to the underarm area. 

Easy on and off, simply pullover the head and snap into place. Doubles as a car restraint - seat belt slides through the back harness strap to keep you dog properly seated (not crash tested). Designed to move leash pressure during away from the delicate throat and onto the shoulders and chest where it belongs. 

Terrific for swimmers!  Dries quickly and does not get heavy from water. Perfect all year round and summer time harness.

--> This harness is loved by Whippets and Greyhounds as well as all other breeds!

Made in the USA

Color: Black with Red Trim (Black and Pink Trims also available).



Sizing Info

Chest/Girth: Measure girth around the broadest part of the chest.

Note: If chest measurements fall within two size ranges and your dog has a narrow build choose the smaller size. If chest measurements fall within two size ranges and your dog has a stout build choose the larger size. We recommend measuring rather than going purely by weight, as dogs are quite varied in shape!

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Complimentary Exchange Blue Seal

Blue Seal Complimentary Exchange Guarantee
This item qualifies for one complimentary exchange!  Committing to purchase some products is tougher than others and we understand that. If the size selected just doesn't quite fit, when exchanged for the next size larger or the next size smaller there is never a restocking fee and we'll pay to ship the new size to you! All other term & conditions of our return policy apply.

Available SMALL TO LARGE DOG Sizes (In Inches):


Fits Chest:

Approx. Weight

 Example Breed


15 - 20"

6 to 13 lbs

Chihauhau, Toy, Mini, Yorkie


19 - 24"

12 to 24 lbs

Bichon Friese, Jack Russels, Small Pugs


22 - 28"

22 to 40 lbs

Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog


26 - 34"

40 to 75 lbs

Cattle Dogs, Pitbulls, Bulld Dogs


31 - 40"

65 to 95 lbs

Labradors, Dobermans, Greyhounds, Great Danes

(XL w/ extended belt)

35 - 43"


Great Danes, Matiffs

Dog Harnesses for Dogs, Mesh Dog Harnesses for Dobermans, Bulldogs, Mastiffs, Pitballs, and Great Danes, Harnesses for Water and Swimming, Large Dog Harnesses, Hiking Dog Harnesses for BIG Dogs, Dog Harnesses for Summer and Water. Soft Harness for Dogs.

Small  $28.99 
Medium  $29.99 
Med-Lrg  $30.99 
Large  $35.99 
X-Large  $39.99 
XX-Large  $43.99 
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