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Shop Dog Jackets and Coats Kennel Dog Coats Kennel Brights - 3 Season Coat - Green
Kennel Brights - 3 Season Coat - Green
Kennel Brights - 3 Season Coat - Green
Type:   Coats   
Material:   Ripstop Nylon   

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Starting at  $59.99  $53.99 

A MotleyMutt Exclusive! CUSTOM Water Repellent Ripstop Nylon Kennel Coat Brights. Lined in a lightweight fleece and a wind protection thinsulate layer. Perfect for mild cold Winter days and those chilly Spring and Fall days.  Wear with the fleece snood (optional) to keep the head, ears, neck and upper chest cozy. Wear with the unlined Ripstop Snood (optional) and you have an instant raincoat.  Kennel Coat Brights are custom sized to fit dogs of all sizes and breeds. Reflective strips on each side and reflective trim outlines this terrific three season coat for added style and safety.


Provides neck and upper chest coverage with full hip coverage. The removable SNOOD provides added style as well as additional warmth.  Easy on and off with adjustable Velcro chest and belly closures. Small sizes are equipped with a lead/harness opening for easy leash attachment.


Choice of a Matching Ripstop and Black Arctic Fleece

--> Snoods include a lead opening for easy lead and collar attachment.

Warmth Factor ***** and *****
Best for use in chilly to moderate cold weather conditions and protection against the rain.  Layer with our fleece vests (sold separately) for added warmth, chest and belly protection.

Machine Washable. 

Available in so many custom sizes, from tiny to giant and in 6 colors! This coat provides a great fit to even the hardest to fit dogs... deep chested, overweight, slim, long, narrow and hard to fit dogs such as Dachshunds, Terriers, Bull Dogs, Pitbulls, Boxers, Greyhounds, Dobermans, Saint Bernards, Mastiffs to name a few.

Breeds of a body structure that taper upwards for speed such as Greyhounds, Whippets, Chinese Cresteds, Xolos, Dobermans, Mini-Pins and any Sighthounds require a different fit than that of a Rottweiler. As do Short legged breeds such as Corgies, Bassets and Bulldogs with full sized bodies only inches from the ground, this coat addresses the uniqueness of each breed.

Exterior Color: Green Warm Coats for Dogs, Warm DogCoats, Winter Dog Coats

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8 to 10 Inch Lengths


11 to 16 Inch Lengths


18 to 22 Inch Lengths


24 to 28 Inch Lengths


30 to 36 Inch Lengths$74.99





Sizing Info

Back: Measure length of pet's back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Neck: Measure around your pet's neck at the base (the lowest part of the neck).

Chest/Girth: Measure girth around the broadest part of the chest.

Head: Measure around dog's head just infront of ears.

NOTE:  If measurements should fall in an uneven or unlisted measurement - select next number higher.  For example, if dog's back length measures at 21.5 inches, select size 22 for length. 

Dog Coats for Winter Dog  Coats, Waterproof Winter Dog Coats for Dogs,  Fleece Lined Coats for Dogs 
Ships in 5-7 business days. Allow for additional time during peak season and holidays (Other ordered items will ship within their typical timeframes and are not delayed, this item will ship separately when other items are ready to ship sooner).

Please list the breed of your dog in the delivery/comment notes section during the checkout process, this will help determine the amount of drape needed.

Back Length:
Length of Back
Neck Base:
Base of Neck
Chest Size:
Optional Snood:
Available Snood Options
Head Size:
Size of Head
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