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Shop Dog Jackets and Coats Dog Rain Jackets & Raincoats Cotton Lined Dog Raincoat - Hot Pink
Cotton Lined Dog Raincoat - Hot Pink
Cotton Lined Dog Raincoat - Hot Pink
Type:   Rain Coats   
Material:   Flannel Interior   

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Starting at  $30.99 

High Visibility Dog Rain Coats are Blanket Style made with waterproof outer shells lined with 100% cotton flannel protecting your dog in the rain and snow without getting hot.  With a built in harness, the High Visibility Dog Rain Coats are extremely adjustable and secure while providing control with no pressure on the throat and may be used with or without a collar or choker.  Fasten two simple clips, attach leash and go! Waterproof Dog Coats, Dog Rain Coats, Dog Raincoats, , Waterproof Dog Jackets, Greyhound Dog Coats for Winter Jackets, Dog Jackets for Rain, Dog Coats For Rain, Raincoats for Dogs, Rain Jackets for Dogs, 
A unique patent pending design, the High Visibility Dog Rain Coats have no sleeves, no chest or belly coverage making this coat a true easy on easy off coat. Stout, overweight, girthy and giant breed dogs are finally free of chest restrictive rain coats. Because of the extreme adjustable design, small and slim dogs enjoy a fit that conforms to their build like no other. Wear alone or layer over a sweater or sweatshirt, the extreme adjustability allows you to easily do both. Large Dog Dog Coats, Large Breed Dog Coats, Dog Jackets for Large Dogs
Machine Washable.

Made in the USA.

Color: Hot Pink Rain Clothing For Dogs, Rain Gear For Dogs, Dog Clothes for Rain, Dog Rain Jackets, Waterproof Dog Jackets Blanket Coats for Dogs
Sizing Info
Dog Coats, Blanket Dog Coats for winter

Back: Measure length of pet's back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Chest/Girth: Measure girth around the broadest part of the chest and add 2".

Weight: Please use for reference only - always measure & review sizing info before selecting a size.

Available SMALL TO LARGE DOG Sizes (In Inches):

* All Sizes are adjustable - Excess strapping may be cut off once coat is fitted properly on your dog.






Extra Extra SmallXXS10-13"9"3-5 lbs.
Extra SmallXS12-16"10.5"6-9 lbs.
Extra Small LongXS-L12-16"12"6-11 lbs.
SmallS15-23"12"10-24 lbs.
Small LongS-L15-23"14"10-26 lbs.
Small WideS-W21-30"12"18-30 lbs.
MediumM21-30"15.25"25-49 lbs.
Medium LongM-L21-30"18"25-49 lbs.
LargeL23-36"18"50-60 lbs.
Large LongL-L23-36"20"50-60 lbs.
Extra LargeXL26-40"20"60-74 lbs.
Extra Large LongXL-L26-40"23"75-99 lbs.
Extra Extra LargeXXL29-43"27"100-175 lbs.
Extra Extra Large LongXXL-L29-43"31"100-200 lbs.

Warmest Dog Coats
The length will determine where on your dog's back the coat will lay. Because of the extreme adjustability of these coats, many length options are available to you.  For more of a jacket sporting look, you may elect a coat size that will lay shorter on your dog's back or desire more of a horse blanket fit with full hip coverage by selecting a longer length for your dog.  So long as your dog's chest measurements are in the range for your selected length, you will have a coat that fits just the way you want it to.

The chest size will also determine the amount of side coverage/hang on your dog. The closer your dog's chest measurement is to the lower number of the chest range selected, the more side coverage/hang the coat will have on your dog.  For example, if the selected size has a chest measurement range of 29"-43", a chest measurement of 31" will have more side coverage/hang than that of a 40" chested dog. If you desire a horse blanket style fit, elect more side coverage/hang. For more of a jacket like fit, elect less side coverage/hang.

Questions?  Simply email us!

Narrow Dogs, Slim Dogs, Wide Dogs, Big Dogs, Large Dogs, Giant Breeds, Greyhounds, Dobermans, Boxers, Greyhounds, Mini Pins, Teacups, Sheppards, Overweight Dogs, Oddly shaped Dogs...... All Dogs! All Shapes and Sizes, Dogs Big or Small will love this coat!

XXS  $30.99 
XS  $31.99 
XS-L  $34.99 
S  $36.99 
S-L  $38.99 
S-W  $40.00 
M  $40.99 
M-L  $42.99 
L  $44.99 
L-L  $48.99 
XL  $50.99 
XL-L  $53.99 
XXL  $55.99 
XXL-L  $59.99 
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