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Return Policy

Due to the nature of our products, returns are not accepted. See below for Courtesy Size Exchange Product Eligibility.

--> Really, we do not accept returns. Period. None, Notta, Nope.  But, but... you say?  Keep reading...

Why?  Really think about why we don't take dog apparel back. Just sit a moment and give it some thought. We used to and we could tell you some stories!  And we promise, had we continued we would have gone out of business long ago.  Amazon is just a click away. We are not Amazon. We are 

You are saying you do not stand behind your products?  --> We both know this is a play on words to manipulate us into bending our policies for you, BUT, we will address it anyway. We are standing behind our products and if we goof in anyway, we bend over backwards to make it right.  Our good standing customers know this. Our good standing customers are not reading this.

But, it's broken! --> Contact us. See policies below. It may be a carrier claim or manufacturer defect claim. BUT, be prepared to provide evidence of your claim. And we have dogs here that sniff out fraudulent claims!
But, it's not what I wanted.  --> We do not accept returns.
But, it's for my mom and I could not measure. --> We do not accept returns. See exchange policy for eligibility.
But, I got it as a gift and it just won't work out for my dad. --> Sorry.... We do not accept returns. Period. None, Notta, Nope.
But, it's not what I was expecting. --> We are sorry your expectations are something other than what we describe item to be.
But, it doesn't fit! --> Keep reading. Hopefully, though, you have read our exchange policy before you purchased. But, no worries, our policy is still our policy and is right here now.
But, it was never opened! --> We do not accept returns.
But, I can tell by looking at it, it won't fit and I measured! --> We do not accept returns. See exchange policy for eligibility.
But, I'm a first time customer! --> Our policies apply to ALL customers.

BUT, I have special circumstances, my dog died, my dog is sick, I am sick, I changed my mind for good reasons, I... I...  --> Returns are not accepted. Period. None, Notta, Nope.

But, your sizing charts are wrong! --> Nope. Our sizing charts are not wrong. Seriously! Nope, notta, PERIOD.

But, But, But... --> Returns are not accepted, Period. None, Notta, Nope.

OH AND THE BEST ONE!  I will tell my credit card company!  --> But, ah... we have a policy for that. Keep reading. You will see just what goes down as we list it for you in the Non Payment Section below. In a nutshell, we do not fight with your credit card company; we are not in business to battle it out with a third party because you introduced one but our collection agency is. Our collection agency buys your transaction from us (yup, we get our money even when you don't pay!) and when they collect it back FROM YOU their investment is all the fees and charges you subject yourself to. Really, if you are going to file a dispute, you definately want to read that policy!  

I will write a bad review! I will tell all my friends not to shop with you.  --> You can do this. We ask, however, you do not email us to tell us about it. We have better things to do, like help customers that really want to enjoy their experience and get their stuff. If you do email us to tell us about it, please do not expect a response from us. This is not to be rude, please don't take it personally.

--> Really, keep reading.  If you email us requesting a return we will only email you a link to this page. Really, you do need to read our policies and you will see all your questions will be answered, ALL.  You just may not like the answers or want to hear them. After all chances are if you are reading this section for details that it is most likely you did not measure, measure correctly, made careless selection, etc... Come on, let's be honest!  

Courtesy Size Exchange Product Eligibility:

As a courtesy many of our items may be exchanged one time for the same item in one size larger or one size smaller, if available. Products that are ineligible for our courtesy size exchange are Mats, Towels, Clearance items, bargain bin items, sale items, value packs, pre-orders and customized items such as custom sized apparel items. For sanitary reasons, our Cozy Fleece Dog Vests, Dog Tanks & T-Shirts, Dog Coats & Jackets, Fleece Neck Warmers, Fleece Dog Boots, Socks and our LeG Socks are ineligible. Cooling Collar Bandanas, Cooling Bandanas, Cooling Collars and Collar Coolers are ineligible.

--> Yes, you read this right! Again, yes it says what is says. Some items do overlap in size (some) but either size will fit if your measurements are in range, but you just wish you opted for the size range larger of the two or smaller... we get that. So, where we can we allow for a courtesy size exchange. BUT it must meet requirements listed. Period. Really. Seriously. That is what policies are for and we are really serious.  

I can exchange, I meet requirements, why do I have to pay fees and shipping? --> Because as we state, customer pays shipping as outlined and exchange fees do apply. If you didn't like the idea of that, you did not have to buy from us. That simple. If you bought it from us, our policies apply. Peiord. Really. 

But,  I bought the largest or smallest size and I can't exchange, may I have a refund and return it?  --> Nope. We do not accept returns. As stated in our exchange policy, you can only exchange if desired size is available.  We understand this may make you mad, but again, our polices were all right here available for you to read BEFORE you purchased.


Returned merchandise will not be accepted without prior approval. You must contact us via email within 3 days of your order delivery date to request a Return Merchandise Authorization. Please provide as much detail to us as possible about the requested return for exchange and include your order number.

To return for exchange, a new order must be placed within 3 days of your approval for the same item in one size larger or one size smaller, if available, in order for your returned merchandise to be accepted by our store. You will pay for new size and shipping at time of checkout. Upon receipt of returned merchandise refunds are typically processed by us within 5-15 business days upon date of receipt of your package. A refund will be made to your payment card used for your order for the amount of the returned for exchange merchanse less any asssociated costs.

--> Okay, we think that is pretty clear. You have to initiate exchange within 3 days of receipt, you have 3 days from approval to place your new order for size up or size down and you have some rules to follow about returning your item to get a refund less fees and you have to pay to ship it to us and you have to pay to have new size shipped. Yup, you read that right.

--> We think we got our point across and we do not need to pull apart our policies for you beyond this point.  


Authorized return merchandise must be received by us within 10 business days of your approval, must be in original new and unused condition and in their original packaging with tags attached.

Returned merchandise is typically processed by us within 5-15 business days upon date of receipt of your package.

Associated Costs:

There is a per item handling fee of $6.00 or 20%, whichever is greater. Shipping costs as well as the original shipment are not refundable. Shipping costs are deducted on orders that qualified for free shipping. Customers are responsible for the cost to ship their merchandise to us.

Merchandise that is returned to us without approval will not be accepted by our store. Approved merchandise that is returned to us not meeting the conditions of your RMA approval will not be accepted by our store and will be shipped back to you at your expense and will be charged an $15.00 processing fee..

Incorrect Items
If we sent you the wrong item (different from what is listed on your packing slip), you do not need to place a new order. We want your experience to be a great one! In case of a packing error, please contact us via e-mail within 24 hours and we will do everything we can to make it right.

Damaged/Defective Merchandise
If damage occurs during delivery, have box and merchandise inspected and documented by the delivering carrier and contact us via e-mail immediately. (Save container with merchandise.) If it is determined that damage occurred as a result of delivery, will immediately ship replacement merchandise to you. We will refund any item we are unable to replace due to items we no longer carry or items that are out of stock.

If product is found to be damaged upon opening it that is not a result of delivery or is found to be defective, you must contact us via e-mail within 24 hours of receipt of the merchandise from the delivering carrier for a Return Merchandise Authorization number and return instructions. Please provide as much detail about the damaged merchandise as possible. Our inspections department will inspect the returned merchandise, if no fraud is detected, we will immediately ship a replacement to you and refund you for the cost of returning the merchandise to us. We will refund any item we are unable to replace due to items we no longer carry or items that are out of stock. Items returned to us found not to be damaged or defective as claimed will be returned to you at your expense and an $15.00 processing fee will be charged to you.

Non-deliverable, Refused or Unclaimed Orders
If an order is returned, refused or unclaimed by the customer due to customer refusal, negligence, incorrect shipping information or absence, will place the ordered items back into stock and refund your payment card the amount of your order less shipping costs, an $8.00 processing fee and a 35% restocking fee.

Cancellations/Non Payment/Disputes:

Payment is due in full at time of order placement. Once an order is processed by us it cannot be cancelled even if it has not yet shipped, this includes both stocking and custom made items. Stocking items are immediately packaged for shipping while custom made items immediately begin the first stage of several stages of production once your order is processed by us. Pre-Ordered items may be cancelled up to 3 days if they have not yet shipped, however, an $8.00 processing fee will be deducted from the refund. The full balance for all orders is due in full at the time of order placement via our online checkout system, for your convenience, our payment merchant accepts and processes your payment on our behalf (See the Placing an Order Section of our website for full detail). Once an order has been processed by us, if for any reason, any or all of funds payable to us for your order at time of checkout are reversed, held or refunded to you without our full consent and permission, the full amount due plus a $35.00 reversal fee and a $15.00 late fee for funds due within the first 30 days of order placement and an $8.00 processing fee will be invoiced via email to be paid immediately upon receipt. For each 15 days thereafter that payment in full is not received a $15.00 late fee and an $8.00 processing fee will be added to the balance due and re-invoiced via email. Should amount invoiced not be paid within a 30 day period all funds due will be turned over to a collection agency and possible legal action taken to secure a judgment against the owing party for the full amounts due. Should any amounts due be turned over to a collection agency and/or legal action taken to secure judgment, any costs and fees associated with doing so will be added to the balance due for a period of up to 10 years. All collection agency activity and secured judgment(s) are reported to credit agencies and may have a negative impact on issued credit ratings/scores of the non paying party.