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Shipping Destinations, Carriers, Methods, Factors ships to Canada and all contiguous states (lower 48) of the U.S., Hawaii and Alaska. The provided shipping address must be a valid postal service deliverable address. No additional shipping is charged if your order should ship in multiple parcels. does not accept overnight or expedited orders. does not to ship to APO/FPO/DPO Boxes. Orders over $400.00 may require a signature, ensure postal address provided for your order will have a signing party available.

Shipping Costs
From To USA Cost CA Costs *
$ - $ 14.99 $ 4.99 $ 14.98
$ 15.00 $ 29.99 $ 5.53 $ 14.98
$ 30.00 $ 45.99 $ 7.53 $ 14.98
$ 46.00 $ 59.99 $ 8.58 $ 14.98
$ 60.00 $ 74.99 $ 10.98 $ 16.42
$ 75.00 $ 99.99 $ 12.89 $ 19.98
$100.00 $154.99 $ 13.92 $ 24.98
$155.00 $199.99 $ 16.42 $ 38.00
$200.00 $249.99 $ 18.98 $ 45.00
$250.00 $299.99 $ 20.83 $ 65.00
$300.00 $354.99 $ 26.42 $ 78.00
$355.00 $399.99 $ 27.24 $ 95.00
$400.00 And Up.. $ 28.38 $ 112.00


* Canada: If actual cost to ship exceeds amount charged for your order by over 5% your order will be placed on hold and we will contact you via email with revised costs and terms. You are responsible for any and all taxes, duties and tariffs imposed by your country for your order(s) with our store.

--> Want your items shipped internationally?  While, we ship within the US and CA only, you may obtain an USA address for your shipment with services such as MYUS.COM.

Shipping and Delivery Timeframes
Orders typically ship within 1 business day unless otherwise stated on the product page with an allowance for additional time during peak and holiday seasons.

Orders ship Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. You will receive a shipping notification via e-mail as soon as your order ships. If your order should ship in multiple parcels, we will send an e-mail notification for each parcel. Delivery times vary between carriers and by destination, however, delivery transit times are typically 1-3 business days USA and 5-8 business days CA from date of shipment. Your shipment notification e-mail will provide the carrier and parcel tracking information.

You may obtain the estimated arrival date and track the delivery of your order directly on our website in the "Guest Tracking" section, by clicking on the tracking link provided to you in your order shipment notification e-mail, by clicking on the tracking link located in your order's "Order History", or by emailing us.

Non-deliverable, Refused or Unclaimed Orders
If an order is returned, refused or unclaimed by the customer due to customer refusal, negligence, incorrect shipping information or absence, will place the ordered items back into stock and refund your payment card the amount of your order less shipping costs, an $8.00 processing fee and a 35% restocking fee.

Incorrect Items
If we sent you the wrong item (different from what is listed on your packing slip), you do not need to place a new order. We want your experience to be a great one! In case of a packing error, please contact us via e-mail within 24 hours and we will do everything we can to make it right.

Damaged/Defective Merchandise
If damage occurs during delivery, have box and merchandise inspected and documented by the delivering carrier and contact us via e-mail immediately. (Save container with merchandise.) If it is determined that damage occurred as a result of delivery, will immediately ship replacement merchandise to you. We will refund any item we are unable to replace due to items we no longer carry or items that are out of stock. If product is found to be damaged upon opening it that is not a result of delivery or is found to be defective, you must contact us via e-mail within 24 hours of receipt of the merchandise from the delivering carrier for a Return Merchandise Authorization number and return instructions. Please provide as much detail about the damaged merchandise as possible. Our inspections department will inspect the returned merchandise, if no fraud is detected, we will immediately ship a replacement to you and refund you for the cost of returning the merchandise to us. We will refund any item we are unable to replace due to items we no longer carry or items that are out of stock. Items returned to us found not to be damaged or defective as claimed will be returned to you at your expense and an $15.00 processing fee will be charged to you.

Lost Merchandise
If the delivering carrier fails to deliver your parcel beyond the estimated arrival date, you may contact us via e-mail or contact the carrier directly to attempt retrieval of your merchandise. If it is determined that the carrier has lost your merchandise, will immediately ship replacement merchandise to you. We will refund any item we are unable to replace due to items we no longer carry or items that are out of stock.


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