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List, Sell & Profit is now accepting applications for our new dropshipping service.

List some of our most popular products on your shop and we will do all the heavy lifting for you.

We provide all content & images for your listings (different than what is on our site) and we ship direct to your customer from our Maryland, USA location.

Enjoy some of the largest profit margins available in the industry while adding value to your customers!

There are no membership fees, no inflated shipping costs & we do not charge dropshipping fees!

Dropship Dog Clothing

--> Prohibited outlets of resale are Amazon, Walmart or any other third-party marketplace inclusive of Ebay & Poshmark.  May not advertise on Google Shopping when using images provided by us.

--> We currently do not offer wholesale or bulk rate options for our products.  Dropship inquiries only, please.

To apply:

Simply email us from our contact page.


Provide your name, your email, your company name, your website address & tell us briefly about your business. 

* When submitting a message via our contact page, you will receive a message confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, ensure that our emails are not filtered by your spam settings or that you typed your email address in incorrectly.

Upon acceptance, we will email you to request a copy of your current sales tax license.  We will then email to you your credentials to gain access to our dropship site so you can get to Listing, Selling & Profiting.

Dropshipping Categories: Dog Coats, Dog Cooling Bandanas, Dog Cooling Collars, Dog Sweaters, Dog Leg Warmers, Dog Neck Warmers, Dog Insect Shield Bandanas, Dog Tanks, Dog T-Shirts.


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