Irish Wolfhound Coats & Sweaters
Irish Wolfhound Coats & Sweaters

Keep your Irish Wolfhound Breed in our Insulated Waterproof Dog Coat or wrapped in luxury in our Polar Fleece Winter Dog Coat. Each coat may be layered with a sweater or hoodie for added warmth and protection for colder winter conditions. Irish Wolfhound owners get a bit of a break having less to clean up when coming home from a walk with the protection of a coat or sweater for your Wolfhound Breed.

Treat your Wolfhound Breed to the best wardrobe staple they can have all season long!  Our Fleece Lounger serves so many purposes for this breed.  The Fleece Lounger can be used as a sweater for your Irish Wolfhound, for pajamas for your Irish Wolfhound, for an Irish Wolfhound Jacket or simply and Irish Wolfhound base layer. 


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