Weimaraner Coats and Sweaters
Weimaraner Coats and Sweaters

The BEST Coats and Sweaters for the Weimaraner Dog Breed. Our Weimaraner Sweaters and Weimaraner Dog Coats are well fitted for this breed's unique and muscular build. Our winter Weimaraner coats, sweaters for Weimaraners are easy on and easy off for this breed offering the utmost comfort with no restrictions to movement so this deep chested breed can enjoy all the same comforts as standard built breeds.

Choose from our Polar Winter Dog Coat sizes for Weimaraners, our Waterproof and Insulated Climate Coats for Weimaraners and our Weimaraner sized Fleece Lounger which can be used as Weimaraner pajamas, a Weimaraner Sweater, a Weimaraner Jacket and a Weimaraner base layer.


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