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Dog Tee T-Shirt (GIANT)

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Our Giant Dog Tee is a High Quality 100% Cotton Dog T-Shirt in a sleeved design for GIANT breed dogs.


* Price adjustments are made based on size and options selected.

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Price: $39.99

Our Giant Dog Tee is a High Quality 100% Cotton Dog T-Shirt in a sleeved design for GIANT breed dogs. Great for all seasons, indoors and out! Blank Dog Tees can be used for making your own designs such as screen printing. T-Shirts for hard to fit Giant Breeds with Sleeves. This T-Shirt will give with wear and bounce back to shape with washings. The cotton construction offers a versatile fit for our hard to fit Giant Breed Dogs.

For our Giant Dogs weighing approximately 130-210 pounds! Giant Breed Dogs such as English Mastiffs and other giant breeds fitting within the sizing ranges for this garment.

Machine Washable on Cold or Cool Setting
Line Dry to Prevent Shrinkage.

Color: Black


Sizing Info

Chest/Girth: Measure girth around the broadest part of the chest with allowance for thick coats.

Neck: Measure around your pet's neck at the base (the lowest part of the neck).

Back: Measure length of pet's back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Note: Listed is the garment length, length of garment varies from dog to dog, use as a guide as to where the shirt will lay on your dog's back. This garment is not intended to cover your dog's entire back rather about three quarters. * See underbelly.

Underbelly: Measure the length of your dog's underbelly from neck base to end of rib cage.

Note: Because this garment does not offer a gentlemen's cut and the back length is not intended to be the full length of your dog's back, this measurement is important to ensure the garment does not hinder the ability for your dog to do business.

Available one GIANT BREED Dog Size (In Inches):

Size Chest Neck Back Garment Length Breed
GIANT 36‑47 24‑30 34‑40
* See Underbelly
Garment Back Length: 30"
Garment Underbelly Length: 28"
Giant Breeds fitting within stated measurements weighing approximately 130-210 lbs.

» Tips for Sizing Your Pet

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