Warmest Winter Dog Coats for Small to Giant Breeds with Chest Panel
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Dog Polar Winter Dog Coats

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Product Details

Our Polar Winter Dog Coats are made of thick warm polar fleece and are perfect for the winter cold, wind and snow adding a layer of protection to your dog. While meant for outdoor use, your dog will just want to sleep in it, too! Such a warm, soft, snuggly, cozy, comfy... squishy feel to these winter coats. A simple design that just hugs your dog protecting your dog from the elements in absolute comfort.

Fleece Neck Warmer Optional.

* Coat can be worn alone or with Neck Warmer. Neck Warmer does not attach to coat.

Simply pull over your dog's head, pull the warm cozy chest panel through the front legs to secure Velcro on each side and off you go. The side Velcro closures allow for maximum adjustability making this coat perfect for layering over or under.

Available for a variety of shapes, sizes and breeds. From Small to Giant Breed Dogs.

FEATURING: Several sizes for your Giant Breed Dogs including two VERY GIANT BREED Sizes fitting even the largest Great Dane and Giant Breed Dogs. Our two Giant Sizes feature an adjustable Tail Band for maximum protection against winds. The Tail Band may be removed if the design does not work for your dog.

Warmth Factor
Best for use in moderate to very cold weather conditions.

The wicking properties of this fleece keep moisture off your dog in wet conditions.

Machine Washable: Secure Velcro and wash in cold or cool water delicate cycle and air dry. No fabric softener, no bleach. For best care, hand wash.

Colors: Burgundy, Black*, Hunter Green, Navy Blue with Black Binding

* Black available in Giant sizes only.

Optional Neck Warmer: Black Polar Fleece

Sizing Info

Back: Measure length of pet's back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
Note: Like most garments, the garment can fall within a few inches of tail base and achieve desired fit. This garment is the same, but works well for hip coverage as well. To determine actual back length of this garment simply take lowest back length number from sizing chart and add two. This will give you the garment back length so you can determine where on the back the garment will lay.

NOTE: Listed coat length range is your dog's back length. Listed neck warmer length is the garment length

Chest/Girth: Measure girth around the broadest part of the chest.

Neck: Measure around your pet's neck at the base (the lowest part of the neck). If your dog has a thick coat, add up to an inch to your measurement.

Weight & Breed are listed as examples and are to be used for reference only.

Available SMALL TO LARGE & GIANT Dog Sizes (In Inches):

Coat Sizes

Size Length Chest Neck Weight Breed
3XS 9‑13 10‑14 7‑9 4‑10 lbs. Various Small Breeds, Puppy
2XS 11‑15 12‑16 8‑10 6‑14 lbs. Chihuahua, Maltese, Mini Pin
XS 13‑17 16‑20 12‑14 10‑16 lbs. Maltese, Mini Dachshund, Jack Russell, Pug
S 14‑18 20‑24 12‑14 20‑28 lbs. Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Small Whippet
S-M 17‑21 22‑28 12‑14 28‑40 lbs. Cattledog, Whippet, Small Pitbull, Small Boxer
M 21‑25 28‑32 16‑19 40‑65 lbs. Large Whippet, Vizsla, Pitbull, Boxer
L 22‑26 30‑36 18‑20 60‑85 lbs. Pitbull, Boxer, Doberman, Labrador, Pointer
XL 26‑30 34‑40 20‑22 80‑100+ lbs. GSD, Labrador, Doberman, Golden, Small Mastiff
GIANT (L) 28‑32 36‑46 21‑25 110‑150+ lbs. Large GSD, Great Dane, Mastiffs other Large & Giant Dog Breeds
GIANT (XL) 33‑37 40‑54 26‑32 170‑230+ lbs. Great Danes, English Mastiffs other Large & Giant Dog Breeds

Neck Warmer Sizes

Size Length Chest Neck Weight Breed
XS 6 N/A 6-8 < 10 lbs. Yorkie, Mini Pin
S 8 N/A 8-11 < 20 lbs. Yorkie, Maltese
MD 12 N/A 12-15 20-45 lbs. Whippet, Beagle
L 12 N/A 16-18 40-70 lbs Large Whippet Small Greyhound, Boxer
XL 15 N/A 18-20 55-75 lbs. Greyhound, Doberman
XL-LT 16 N/A 20-22 75-90 lbs. Labrador, Doberman
XL-XLT 16 N/A 20-24 90-115+ lbs. Large Retriever, Great Dane
--> Most common size for larger breeds
2XL 18 N/A 24-28 > 100 lbs. Large Giant Breeds
--> Big
3XL 20 N/A 27-31 > 100 lbs. Larger Giant Breeds
--> Very Big
You may be assured that when properly measuring your dog in accordance to the sizing instructions on each product page and pairing with a corresponding size on the product sizing chart (if one is available to accommodate your dog's measurements) that ALL of our items will fit your dog as intended and described by us.

Sizing Your Pet

You will need a soft measuring tape - don't have one? To measure your pet you will need a soft measuring tape. You can likely pick one up at your local dollar store! A hardware measuring tape will not produce accurate measurements.

What to Measure With


Dog Clothing Measurements
In order to find the right size of clothing for your dog, please complete the following measurements with a soft measuring tape.

Sizing Your Pet

1."Girth/Chest" Size of your dogs chest, measurement all the way round the broadest part of the chest.

2."Back" Length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Measurement from the base of the neck to base of tail (just before tail starts). *For some dogs, the base of the tail may be hard to see, feeling for where the tail begins on your dog's back may be required.

3."Neck" a comfortable distance around your dog's neck. For collars, the neck size is where the collar will sit on your dog's neck and will be outlined on the product page for you. For clothing, this is the lower part of the neck.The neck base is the lower part of the neck.* For some breeds, such as Greyhounds, the neck base location may be difficult to determine when head is up... tilting the head down a bit is then recommended.

Measuring Your Pet:

The best determination can only be made if the actual pet is being measured and manufacturer recommendations are being followed. Please buy our clothing according to your pet's measurements, not the clothing label size.

Often, we will list with sizing examples breeds and approximate weight ranges. Breed and weight information is listed for guidance only, please choose proper size based on measurements.

--> Please make sure that your pet is standing tall, head up, and back straight (not curled or curved from fear of what you are doing to him). You won't get accurate measurements if the dog is sitting or lying down. * For some breeds, such as Greyhounds, the neck base location may be difficult to determine when head is up... tilting the head down a bit is then recommended.


MotleyMutt.com carries clothing lines from many different designers that often have very different sizing scales, even one designer often has different size scales for many of their designs. We strongly recommend that you read all sizing information for each piece of clothing to ensure you get the best fit for your pet. Often, we will list with sizing examples breeds and approximate weight ranges. Breed and weight information is listed for guidance only, please choose proper size based on measurements.

Ordering for a puppy? Order based on your puppy's current measurements only - do not attempt to select a size that your puppy may be! A size or two larger than current size may not be in proportion to the size of your puppy once full grown. If you order now for your puppy, please only expect it to fit for a short time before you have to reorder for proper sizing again.

Pairing Measurements to a Corresponding Size:

Once you have determined necessary measurements for a particular garment it will be necessary to pair to a corresponding size if one is available for your dog's measurements. Each of your dog's measurements must fall within the listed measurement or measurement range for any available size to ensure proper fit.

IMPORTANT: If your dog's measurements fall within chest girth ranges for a particular size but not within the back length of said size, proper fit will not be achieved. Only order when ALL of the required measurements fall within all measurement or measurement range listings for any of our products.

FOR EXAMPLE: If your dog's chest girth measurements fall within the range of a particular garment's sizing but the back length measurements do not, do not select that size. If no size is available for your dog's measurements, please do not order that particular product as it will not work for your dog. Should the garment back length be too long or too short for your dog, the rest of the garment will NOT be in proportion with your dog's neck, arms and torso. If only a garment's back length is listed, ensure that the garment's back length is not in excess of your dog's back length and/or that it will provide ample coverage based on your dog's measured back length.

When the neck base measurement is not listed for a garment on our website it is because the garment will lend a proper neck base fit when your dog is within the stated measurements. This is typical for items such as shirts and sweaters. Placement of the garment on each dog will vary as to where within the sizing range your dog’s measurements fall. If you are at all uncomfortable with this, we recommend then to select a garment where the neck base is stated.

Follow recommendations for boot sizing as provided by the manufacturer on each boot's product page. When the maximum width/length is listed, do not exceed this measurement as the boots will be too small. Boots should be snug, but you will want your dog's paws to always be able to spread and relax when in the boot, so it is important to measure your dog's paws with your dog's weight bearing down on paws while standing on a soft measuring tape. The difference of your dog's paw size and the max measurements of the boot will determine the amount of room in the boot when worn, too much room and the boots will be too big.