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Winter Woods Dog Coats

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Our Winter Woods Dog Coats are an All Weather Winter Coat constructed with a tough snag resistant Cordura outer and insulating layer and lined in Polar Fleece. Fleece Neck Warmer Optional.


* Price adjustments are made based on size and options selected.

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Our Winter Woods Dog Coats are an All Weather Winter Coat constructed with a tough snag resistant Cordura outer. A waterproof coating on the inside of the outer, a warm insulating layer and warm polar fleece lining provide your dog protection against the cold even in rain, wind and snow. The Winter Woods Dog Coats secure in the front with an adjustable Velcro closure and an adjustable underside Velcro closure that are both lined and insulated. Designed for total freedom of movement. Bound in black cotton twill for durability and darts placed in back for form and fit. Features elastic adjustable back leg straps. While this coat is ideal for activities such as hunting and hiking with your dog, it can be used for just a walk around the block.

Fleece Neck Warmer Optional. - Fleece Neck Warmers are discounted when purchased with our Climate Coats!

Sizes to fit Pitbulls, Boxers, Vizslas to Mastiffs and Great Danes!

Warmth Factor
Best for use in moderate to very cold weather conditions.

Machine Washable: Secure Velcro and wash in cold or cool water and air dry. No fabric softener, no bleach.

Exterior Colors: Wooded Camo with Base Colors of Blue, Orange, Pink or Tan each with black binding
Insulating Layer: Polyfill
Lining: Black Polar Fleece

Optional Neck Warmer: Black Fleece


Sizing Info

Back: Measure length of pet's back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

NOTE: Listed coat length range is your dog's back length. Listed neck warmer length is the garment length

Chest/Girth: Measure girth around the broadest part of the chest.

Neck: Measure around your pet's neck at the base (the lowest part of the neck).

Weight & Breed are listed as examples and are to be used for reference only.

Available SMALL TO LARGE & GIANT Dog Sizes (In Inches):

Coat Sizes

Size Length Chest Neck Weight Breed
M 20‑23 24‑30 16‑22 30‑45 lbs. Cattle Dog, Pitbull, Boxer, Bulldog Breeds
L 22‑25 30‑36 18‑24 45‑75 lbs. Vizsla, Pitbull, Boxer, Bulldog Breeds
XL 25‑28 37‑43 20‑26 80‑100+ lbs. Larger Golden, Labrador, Rottweiler, Mastiff, Smaller Great Dane and Other Large Breeds
XXL 28‑31 38‑46 22‑28 95‑120+ lbs. Mastiff, Great Dane and Other Larger or Giant Dog Breeds

Neck Warmer Sizes

Size Length Chest Neck Weight Breed
L 12 N/A 16-18 40-70 lbs Large Whippet Small Greyhound, Boxer
XL 15 N/A 18-20 55-75 lbs. Greyhound, Doberman
XL-LT 16 N/A 20-22 75-90 lbs. Labrador, Doberman
XL-XLT 16 N/A 20-25 90-115+ lbs. Large Retriever, Great Dane
--> Most common size for larger breeds
2XL 18 N/A 25-28 > 100 lbs. Large Giant Breeds
--> Big

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